Our Story

In 2015, this amazing little boy entered the world. Prior to becoming a mom, my coffee pot was always on. But throw sleepless nights, teething and lullabies on repeat into the mix and caffeine became my mom fuel, an essential of daily life.

Yet, every time I dragged my tired self and my bundle of joy to a café, he would get bored before I even had a chance to sip my cinnamon sprinkled latte. If only there was a place for my little guy to play, I could enjoy my coffee while it was still hot!

A play café was the answer to my motherhood woes. A place to connect with other moms, where I could indulge in the warm embrace of a hot beverage while my son played. A place where I could take a mommy and me class, have a play date, or just get out of the house for some fun with my little man. But nothing like this existed in my hometown of Burlington, Ontario. That’s when I decided to create Burlington’s first ever play café.

Opening in March 2019, Chickadee Family Café will provide a homey haven for parents and their littles. Our café will be stocked with locally roasted coffee and loose leaf teas as well as locally sourced nutritious snacks and scruptious treats.

Whether you need a “chill out time” tea or a “stronger than my toddler” coffee, we’ve got your back. I can’t wait to introduce you to our incredible suppliers who are dedicated to providing to quality food products to our families.

We believe there is no greater way to spend time than with family. Chickadee Family Café will bring you a calendar full of activities – from parent and child classes, special events, workshops and more.

We hope to see you soon!