Our drip coffee is supplied by Firebat Coffee Roastery. These coffee beans are from El Salvador and are roasted in neighbouring Oakville, Ontario. Firebat works with shade-grown bird friendly coffee producers in El Salvador and is committed to environmental sustainability and ethical production.
We serve the Honey Bourbon blend which has notes of caramely sweetness and flavour notes of molasses and clementine. There is no bee honey added to the beans. The name honey refers to the mucilage of the coffee cherry which is sticky, slimy and sweet. Part of this mucilage is left on the beans while they are drying.

reunion island

If you’ve tried one of our lattes, cappuccinos or americanos, you’ve tasted Reunion Island. Roasted in Oakville, this espresso is made from a Brazilian bean and has flavour notes of chocolate and black current. We love the full body and smooth finish of this coffee, but even more important to us is that sales of this particular bean go to supporting Grounds for Health, a charity that provides screening for cervical cancer to women in coffee producing regions.