What Is This Play Cafe Thing?

What Is This Play Cafe Thing?

Ok, mom life is great. But every now and then we all want some time for “adulting”. A coffee chat with a girlfriend, a date with your hubby, or a few quiet minutes to read a book.

Before becoming a mom, coffee shops were the place I went to catch up with friends, get some work done, or have some “me time”. But after having my little boy, going out to a café meant packing a ton of toys into a bag so my son could stay entertained for maybe 10 minutes. When I heard of the play café concept, my heart sang.  A space for kids to play with a fully stocked café serving caffeinated beverages? This is what I needed!

A play café is a space that is designed to meet the needs of both adults and kids. Little ones have a ball while immersed in imaginative play, doing a craft, or resting in the reading nook, while parents enjoy comfortable seating, fresh brewed coffee or loose leaf tea (if that’s your cuppa) and a selection of snacks.

While most indoor play spaces cater to the needs of kids, providing slides and trampolines to ‘get that energy outta here’, a play café perfectly blends kids’ need for play with parents’ need for connection and relaxation. Let’s face it, kids aren’t the only ones that need to make a friend!

A play café is the perfect spot for a parent group meet-up, a play date or just a space to spend some quality time with your child outside the home.

Connect. Learn. Play … and of course, COFFEE!


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