What We’re Reading: My I Am Song

What We’re Reading: My I Am Song

I AM.  Two short but powerful words. What we put after them shapes the way we think about ourselves.

When my son was two years old, we were playing the muffin game; a fine motor activity where you pick up tiny plastic muffins with tweezers and put them into compartments. He was struggling with holding onto the tweezers and yelled out in frustration “I can’t do it!” It was the first time I’d heard him say the words “I can’t”. I was shocked, and angered, that he thought of himself as less than capable. When he was learning to walk, he never fell down and stayed down, he always got right back up. So what happened between then and this muffin game? Why was he ready to give up? Where did he even learn these words “I can’t”?

“You can,” I said, after recovering from the shock. “You just need some help. Do you want to ask for some help?”

The idea that my son, at this young age, had thought of himself as less than capable of doing something bothered me deeply and I realized then that even at this young age, he was already forming a mental impression of himself.

I started practicing” I Am” affirmations with my son at the start of this year and I love the way they help to promote positive thinking, not only about himself, but about other people as well. If he believes himself to be strong and capable, surely others are too.

In my search for tools to practice these I Am affirmations with my son, I came across “My I Am Song” by Kelsie Josephs. From the moment I realized she was a local author, I knew I needed to invite her to our play café. Kelsie was our very first storytime guest, reading “My I Am Song” and getting our littles to practice their I Am affirmations.  “I am strong!” “I am happy!” “I am amazing!”

Author Kelsie Josephs reading her book “My I Am Song”

This children’s book is all about teaching kids that they have the power within themselves to accomplish anything they desire. Kelsie is a lovely and inspirational woman who is on a mission to spread love and light to the world; starting with our littles. She radiates positivity and kindness. You can’t help but feel good when you’re around her.

A public school teacher, Kelsie shared with me that she wrote this children’s book because she was inspired to spread a message of love to children and help them to understand that they are in charge of their emotions and that they have the power to shape how they feel, especially how they feel about themselves. Our words hold incredible power, and this book shows children how to use their words to shape their reality and become the strong, capable, and empowerd little beings that we, their parents, know they are.

Reading the book made me think about the way I speak to myself; how I tell myself “I’m so stupid” when I forget to pick up milk from the store on my way home. How I think “I’m not good enough” when I throw together a dinner of macaroni and cheese instead of planning a balanced meal the night before. Clearly I talk to myself a lot about food!

Reading “My I Am Song”, I realize is good practice for me too, to change the way I speak to myself and to show myself the same kindness and love that I want my child to show himself. The best children’s books are, in my opinion, those that we can take lessons from as adults, and this book is definitely one for our family’s bookshelf; one that we will turn to time and time again as the years get tougher and we need that reminder to show ourselves some love and kindness.

Signed copies of Kelsie Joseph’s book “My I Am Song” are available for purchase in our Shop Local Marketplace.  


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