Parent-Child Dates Make Wonderful Memories

Parent-Child Dates Make Wonderful Memories

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I remember the first time I took my son out on a Mommy-Son “date”. He had just started preschool and was having a hard time with the transition. He cried every time I dropped him off at school, so one day I said “when Mommy comes back to pick you up, I’m going to take you out for a very special cupcake”. That little promise was enough to stop the tears (for a few moments anyway). When I picked him up, he remembered the promise I’d made and asked where his cupcake was. We drove to our favourite little cupcake shop in Burlington. I lifted him up and watched his eyes grow huge as he took in all the different types of cupcakes. He chose the chocolate one, I picked lemon, and we sat by the window eating our cupcakes and laughing at the chocolate icing that ended up on his nose and all over his face, actually.

Although we spend tons of time together at home or running errands, I realized that it was the first time in a while that we were able to just both relax together, just enjoying each other’s company without any distractions. I mean, that’s the whole purpose of a “date” right? It made me remember those Daddy-Daughter moments in the donut shop and how much those meant to me, even now.

I mentioned those donut shop dates to my dad recently. “You remember that?” he said, genuinely shocked. I didn’t remember where the pool was or who my swimming instructor was, but I remembered those donut shop dates. They were one of the highlights of my childhood.

I love seeing parent-child dates here at the café. Getting to provide the space for that special bonding time feels like life coming full circle. Whether it’s a play date or a cappuccino / babyccino moment, there’s something so special about going on a “date” with your little. Life can get hectic sometimes and being able to carve out that special time with your child is something I know they’ll remember forever, just as I do.

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