Kids Birthday Party Planning Lessons from My Son’s 5th Birthday Party

Kids Birthday Party Planning Lessons from My Son’s 5th Birthday Party

Approaching my son’s fifth birthday, there was no question where it was going to be held. Of course, the birthday party venue was going to be Chickadee Family Café. The party planning list already had one checkmark. Read on to see what else was on the list. Maybe it will help you with your party planning, too!

Today this little chickadee turned 5 years old! This mama heart cannot handle how fast time has gone. A few days ago I asked “how old are you going to be on your birthday?” He replied with his hand showing all 5 fingers. “This many! One whole hand old”.

To celebrate “a whole hand old”, of course I had to throw him an amazing party! With the venue already selected (no surprise there), I went into full on planning mode.  In this post, I’m going to share with you a few tips I learned from hosting my own son’s birthday party at Chickadee Family Café. 

1 – Select a Theme Based on Your Child’s Interests

I know from my event planning days that the theme is the most important aspect of any event, but it’s especially important for a kids’ birthday party. My little guy is obsessed with all things Lego, so we went with that as his theme. 

2 – Decorate According to the Theme, But Keep It Simple

When decorating for a kids’ birthday party that’s only 2 hours long, you don’t want to waste time setting up or tearing down a ton of decorations. I found some Lego tablecloths and a Lego birthday banner at Dollar Tree. Then I ordered a few balloons and a centerpiece Lego cake and the décor was done!

3 – Plan an Activity that Doubles as a Loot Bag

I’m not a huge fan of loot bags (see our earlier post on loot bag alternatives), but I do like to send kids home with something from the party. Since my son’s birthday party was a Lego themed party, we decided to let the kids make Lego! We ordered a ton of Lego men pieces from a loose parts website and let the kids create their own Lego man. They picked the head, the body, the legs, and a special piece (a crown, a hat, cape, etc. )  Each kid got to take home two Lego men that they created themselves.

4 – Offer a Variety of Foods for Adult and Kid Guests

When creating our birthday party menu, I wanted to ensure there was enough kid-friendly and adult-friendly food. We ordered plain cheese and pepperoni pizzas from Panago for the kiddos, then got a little creative and ordered some fancier pizzas for the grownups. Panago makes the most delicious chicken pesto pizza so that one definitely had to be on the menu!  My rule of thumb to calculate how much pizza to order is 1.5 slices per child and 3 slices per adult. 

I had ordered a two-tiered cake from CAKEBar to feed our 35 guests, so I made one layer chocolate cake with vanilla icing and the other layer was a spice cake. The grownups seemed to appreciate getting a more adult flavour that felt very gourmet while the kids loved the plain old chocolate. I also included a ton of healthy snack items: tons of fruit, veggies, cheese plus some veggie chips and popcorn.

When planning your menu, always make sure to check with your guests to see if anyone has food sensitivities. While we didn’t have any food restrictions at our party, I have helped our birthday party planners accommodate vegan and gluten free guests for their children’s birthday parties held here.

Whether you’re planning your child’s first birthday party or their fifth, I hope this little wrap-up helps you in your party planning, and of course if you ever need any party ideas, we love to celebrate birthdays and we are always happy to chat to make your child’s party the best ever!

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