How to Throw a Kids’ Birthday Party that Adults Will Have Fun At Too

How to Throw a Kids’ Birthday Party that Adults Will Have Fun At Too

Sure, birthday parties are fun for kids; but don’t forget about all the adults on your child’s birthday guest list too. As important as it is to have games and activities planned for the kids to ensure they have a good time, you don’t want parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to be standing around, bored out of their minds and counting down the minutes until they can leave. When planning your kids’ birthday party, here are some great ways to ensure adults will have a good time too:

1 – Make Introductions

It’s one of the first rules of being a great host at corporate networking events, but is something that is often forgotten when we throw kids in the mix. Making quick introductions amongst your guests ensures that your guest has at least one other adult to talk to. If you’re inviting children from your child’s preschool or school, it’s likely that parents have only ever seen one another at drop off or pick up, or never. Introductions can be as simple as saying “Oh hi Lori, this is Ana, Charlie’s Mom” or as detailed as “Oh Lori, you told me you were planning a trip this winter, Ana, Charlie’s Mom went to Aruba last year. I’m sure she can share some info with you”. 

2 – Have a Grown-Up Space

Of course a kid-friendly space is a must for a kids’ birthday party venue, but having an adult-friendly space allows grown-ups to sit down and chat, without being over stimulated with kid noise. This is especially important if you’re inviting grandparents or aunts and uncles or adult family friends who don’t have young kids.

When we designed Chickadee Family Café, we made sure that the café section was adult-friendly. Adults can feel completely at home sitting at the large harvest table enjoying a delicious latte and an adult conversation, while the kids have fun in the play area.

3- Provide Adult Food Options

Sure, pepperoni pizza is a crowd pleaser for the kiddos, but a few adult friendly food options will certainly be appreciated by the grown ups in attendance. A fancier pizza, some antipasto or spinach dip are some great options. Place your adult friendly food in the adult-only area, giving the grown-ups a secret hang out!

One of our party guests brought a platter of chocolate covered strawberries and kept them in the café on one of our high top tables as a special treat for the adult guests. While the kids were having their birthday cake, the adults were sipping a latte and indulging in a chocolate covered strawberry.

Adult friendly drinks are also a great way to keep adults entertained. Our kids’ birthday parties come with an onsite barista to whip up those delicious pumpkin spice lattes for the grown-ups.

4 – Keep it Short

Two hours is the typical length for our kids’ birthday parties. Longer than two hours, we find kids start to burn out and adults begin to lose patience. Adults also typically have a long list of things to do over the weekend, such as grocery shopping, laundry, lawn work; you don’t want to ask them to take too much time out of their weekend. All of our birthday party packages are 2 hours in length; with 30 minutes before the party’s start time for set-up and 15 minutes for clean up after.


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