Do you have a word for 2019?

Do you have a word for 2019?

Every year, for the past several, I’ve been picking one word to represent what I want to focus on and achieve in the coming year. That one word is meant to guide my decisions all year long and bring me back to the intentions and goals that I’ve set for the year.

Coming into 2019, I really wasn’t sure what my word was going to be. I’d spent most of 2018 planning and anticipating the arrival of this new business baby, this play café that I have high hopes will become the ultimate hang out for young families in Halton Region. I found a location, I signed a lease, I put together a business plan, I hired a contractor, I made connections with other small businesses and suppliers to stock the café with coffee, tea and delicious snacks. Everything was set in motion to bring Chickadee Family Café to reality and FINALLY, here we are in 2019; the year that all those visions and dreams will be realized.

I thought about words like “implement” or “execute” for 2019, but those just seemed too “corporate”; a world that I had just escaped. They also didn’t mean anything to me in my personal life. They didn’t speak to the life changes I want to make for my family; to spend more meaningful time together; and they didn’t speak to my intentions for 2019, which are to create a second home for Burlington area families; one where they can connect with friends and family, celebrate occasions and have fun together.

I seriously probably thought about this ONE WORD way too much. I created a list. It included words like “joy”, “celebrate”, “connect”. But none seemed to completely encapsulate what I want to achieve in 2019.

Then, I read a quote that resonated with me:

“A happy life is made up of a collection of moments”.

When I read this, I just stopped.

How true is this? I have albums full of family photos that I’ve printed off and my house is full of photographic evidence of these moments of joy and connection. I get overly excited every single time Google Photos sends me a notification with those “Then and Now” compositions, or those “1 Year Ago Today” images. Partly because you know, we only ever take photos of the best moments of our lives; the instagrammable ones, right? So, you know it will be something that brings happy thoughts.

When I open those images, I’m instantly transported back to that exact moment that was captured by my phone’s lens. I remember what I was doing, who was there, what we were laughing at. I love re-living all of those little moments. Moments of Joy. Moments of Connection. Moments of Celebration.


My vision for Chickadee Family Café has always been to provide the perfect space for families to create these wonderful memories; the kind that Google Photos will remind you of a year from now; the ones that you’ll go home and write in your gratitude journal; and the ones that you’ll tell your friends and laugh about.

Walking around what is now an empty shell of a former video store, I am warmed by the thoughts of the moments that were had here. I continue to hear stories from people who tell me this was “their store”; the one that they came with their parents to on Friday nights to pick out a movie for family night. I’ve heard stories of brother-sister quarrels over whether to rent a drama or a comedy and stories of first dates picking out a movie to watch in the parents’ basement. I love hearing these stories and I look forward to all of the incredible moments that we are going to create in this space together when we open our doors in a few months.

Do you have a word of the year? Share it below!


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