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Indoor Playground vs. Play Cafe: What’s the Difference?

This is a question I get asked quite frequently when I tell people that I own a play café. “Is that like an indoor play gym with slides and rock climbing structures and trampolines?” I guess that’s what happens when you introduce an entirely new concept to your city. Indoor playgrounds have been around for…
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We Found Home

At long last, after months of searching for the perfect location for this family-friend play café, after intense lease negotiations, zoning approvals and building permit submissions, we have FINALLY found our location and have begun the work to bring Chickadee Family Café to you! What has taken sooooo long, you ask?  Well, friends, I didn’t…
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What Is This Play Cafe Thing?

Ok, mom life is great. But every now and then we all want some time for “adulting”. A coffee chat with a girlfriend, a date with your hubby, or a few quiet minutes to read a book. Before becoming a mom, coffee shops were the place I went to catch up with friends, get some…
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