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Loot Bag Alternatives for Kids’ Birthday Parties

Truth time: I’m not a big fan of birthday loot bags. Usually filled with treats and trinkety toys, I find half the bag usually ends up in the trash can. When my son selected the Paw Patrol theme for his 4th birthday party, we visited the loot bag section and found the usual: candy, bubbles,…
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Why I’m Buying My Child 4 Gifts this Christmas

Oh, how the holiday season can bring out the little shopaholic in me.  This was me last year: walking through the stores, with the happy, jingling music playing in the background, my eyes darting from one shiny item to the next; from toys to books, to clothes and holiday décor. Before I knew it, I…
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Want a Happier Morning with Your Kids? Get a Birdfeeder.

I don’t know about you, but mornings can be tough in my house. For some bizarre reason, my little guy wakes up promptly with the sound of birds chirping at 6:30 every Saturday and Sunday morning but on weekdays, he’s still sound asleep at 7am (the time I need him to get up to get…
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