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What We’re Reading: Gibby’s Great Adventures

Do you know what a Gibbon is? Don’t feel bad. I didn’t either until I met Jackie from Prime Earth. Although Jackie lives right here in Burlington, she has spent her adult life trekking through the jungle in Asia learning about a species of primates called Gibbons. While most of us have heard of chimpanzees,…
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What We’re Reading: My I Am Song

I AM.  Two short but powerful words. What we put after them shapes the way we think about ourselves. When my son was two years old, we were playing the muffin game; a fine motor activity where you pick up tiny plastic muffins with tweezers and put them into compartments. He was struggling with holding…
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What I’m Reading: I Quit! Oh Wait, I’m the Mom.

A few days ago, my four-year-old asked me for a grilled cheese sandwich. Like the good mama I am, I whipped one up and served it to him. “Noooo!” I heard. “I didn’t want it cut like THAT!” I was kinda hungry so I ate his and made him another, cut the “right” way. Then…
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