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Kids Birthday Party Planning Lessons from My Son’s 5th Birthday Party

Approaching my son’s fifth birthday, there was no question where it was going to be held. Of course, the birthday party venue was going to be Chickadee Family Café. The party planning list already had one checkmark. Read on to see what else was on the list. Maybe it will help you with your party…
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How to Throw a Kids’ Birthday Party that Adults Will Have Fun At Too

Sure, birthday parties are fun for kids; but don’t forget about all the adults on your child’s birthday guest list too. As important as it is to have games and activities planned for the kids to ensure they have a good time, you don’t want parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to be standing around, bored…
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Loot Bag Alternatives for Kids’ Birthday Parties

Truth time: I’m not a big fan of birthday loot bags. Usually filled with treats and trinkety toys, I find half the bag usually ends up in the trash can. When my son selected the Paw Patrol theme for his 4th birthday party, we visited the loot bag section and found the usual: candy, bubbles,…
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