A Kid-Friendly Café Needs a Kid-Friendly Coffee. Introducing the Babyccino!

A Kid-Friendly Café Needs a Kid-Friendly Coffee. Introducing the Babyccino!

Parents, we know you love your coffee! We also know our kids see everything we do and try to minic our actions. One of the first imaginative play games my son started playing was “making Mommy coffee”. So, why can’t kids get in on the fun coffee action?

Babyccinos are a feature item on our coffee menu, but while it sounds like a tiny cappuccino, it’s actually a “coffee” for kids.

“What’s a babyccino?”

A babyccino is a cappuccino minus the capa. A frothy milk beverage. We top ours off with colourful sprinkles and a little marshmallow treat to make the most adorable beverage ever. And we serve them in the most cute colourful real cappuccino cups!

While we’ve had many customers smile with delight over our these sweet treats and praise us for such an original idea, I can’t take credit for the babyccino. The baby beverage originated in Australia, where they call it a “fluffy”. And that’s pretty accurate actually. A babyccino is simply a cup of warm, frothy milk. 

A few years ago, the beverage made its way to Canada and the US and several cafes started adding babyccinos to their menu and offering them up to their little guests. The only problem was that many cafes didn’t adjust their equipment to be able to serve babyccinos at a temperature little mouths could handle.

When designing our kid-friendly café, we made sure to install a special wand on our espresso machine that froths the milk without making it too hot. The milk is just warm enough that it doesn’t taste like regular old milk from a fridge but isn’t hot enough to burn little tongues. 

I started testing babyccinos at home with my then 3-year old son, who hates drinking milk. He’s just not a milk guy. Yup, we’ve tried the milk moustaches, but he’ll make the moustache without actually drinking the milk.

And even though I’ve heard all the arguments that kids don’t really need to drink milk, I was convinced that my son needed some in his diet, so I served him up a drink that he couldn’t refuse. A frothy warm babyccino topped with colourful sprinkles. Cause, what kid can resist sprinkles? On occasion, I’ll even add some cinnamon or cocoa powder (we have both in the café should your little want a little flavour to their babyccino). He now regularly requests his “babyccino” as his after meal treat, “just like Mommy”; just without the caffeine jolt!


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