Burlington's first play cafe

Opening in March 2019

Chickadee Family Cafe will be the first ever play cafe in Burlington, Ontario! We will provide a fun, imaginative play area for littles, child and parent programming, special events and birthday parties as well as a cozy cafe for parents, serving up delicious locally roasted coffee, espresso beverages, loose leaf teas and quality locally sourced treats.


This is the fun space where we aim to keep you up to date on cafe happenings, and entertain you with stories of parenting and small business life.

What I’m Reading: I Quit! Oh Wait, I’m the Mom.

A few days ago, my four-year-old asked me for a grilled cheese sandwich. Like the good mama I am, I whipped one up and served it to him. “Noooo!” I[…]

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First Week With Baby? Here’s What I Remember.

We just celebrated my son’s fourth birthday.  We threw a Paw Patrol themed birthday party and made a birthday cake and at the end of the day, I sat down[…]

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Loot Bag Alternatives for Kids’ Birthday Parties

Truth time: I’m not a big fan of birthday loot bags. Usually filled with treats and trinkety toys, I find half the bag usually ends up in the trash can.[…]

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